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Taipei: Convenience Capital

Taipei is known for its hustle and bustle. You feel it from the moment you arrive. The bicycles, the crowded markets, the booming tech industry, the flashing neon lights-it’s quite the metropolitan hub! While Taiwan may seem as distant as it gets on the globe, I think most Westerners would be amazed to discover how accommodating this city is. If […]



Top 6 Reasons to Live in Jordan 4

  The Kingdom of Jordan, better known as Jordan, lies in the epicenter of the Middle East. Its angelic shape is a symbolic reflection of the peaceful people and political stance they have taken in the past few decades while surrounded by politically active neighbors. When I reflect on my time in Jordan, I’m reminded […]

Brain Breaks 2

Don’t forget to give your students a Brain Break! A Brain Break is when teachers take a moment to have their students stand up from their desks and move around which can provide up to 15% more oxygen to the brain. More oxygen to the brain reduces stress, triggers endorphins, and strengthens key areas of […]


3 Team-builders for ESL Students

  What are Team-builders?  They are activities that promote small group work and sharing as a classroom. Suggested activities: T-Shirt Worksheet- Create a basic T-shirt outline on a worksheet. Have students get into small groups. On the t-shirt worksheet have students write a word that describes them, 2 things they do well,  a favorite free time […]

Class-builders for ESL Students

  What is a Class-builders? It’s activity that allows students to stand up, move around, and work with many of their classmates. Level: Intermediate English Popsicle Sticks- Have students write one fact about themselves on a popsicle stick, have students pass the popsicle sticks around a few times, and then have the students guess who it belongs to. To […]


3 Activities for Elementary students 1

Whispers- Students sit quietly in a circle.  The teacher starts the activity off by whispering a sentence to the student sitting next to her- For example: “The teacher would like a cup of tea.” They then whisper what they just heard to the next person. This goes on continuously around the circle, until it reaches the person who started. […]

Vacation Guide to Taiwan 1

Day 1 of my Chinese New Year Adventure: It’s actually Day 4, but between the exploring, eating, translating, and scooting!, I have put blogging on hold for the first (amazing) few days of this vacation. Anytime I travel, I relish in the first few days where I find the most mundane things fascinating. For example, […]