Brain Breaks 2

154502_10150135055454949_1174709547_nDon’t forget to give your students a Brain Break!

A Brain Break is when teachers take a moment to have their students stand up from their desks and move around which can provide up to 15% more oxygen to the brain. More oxygen to the brain reduces stress, triggers endorphins, and strengthens key areas of brain.  Our favorite Brain Break is to have the students stand up, stretch, and count with movement.  Try some yoga poses or maybe even some martial arts!




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      Do lots of cooperative leirnang activities pair students with some knowledge of English with those who know little. Pair students with English speakers from another class for Book Buddies . Writing Buddies , etc.Use lots and lots and lots of visuals in your teaching.At first, most students will only want to listen, not speak. They feel awkward using a different language. Give them opportunities to talk in class and practice language leirnang.Talk with colleagues and get more advice and help! These kids are going to need all the help they can get. By the way, what level is this? If it is Elementary, there are many more approaches to try that can be helpful