Teaching English in Argentina, a life-changing decision 2

I can’t say that I knew much about the “Pueblo” life before signing the contract and deciding to spend 4 months in rural Argentina. Being from Los Angeles, and having studied in Manhattan, I would say my living experience in anything but a huge bustling city was non-existent. Months before my 25th birthday, I realized I had many successes in my life; I had gone to great schools, studied hard, and eventually landed my ideal job in NYC…but something was missing. I had this urge to travel, to learn a language. I knew there were opportunities out there, that if I hadn’t done at that moment, I would never do them. So, I took a leap of faith. I decided to teach English abroad and quickly bought a one-way ticket to Argentina. Most people thought I was a little crazy…now they are jealous.

I remember during training when I typed Vicuña Mackenna, Cordoba (the place I currently call home) into GOOGLE MAPS, all I saw was farm land and a plaza. My heart skipped a beat. I am now one month away from ending my teaching semester in Mackenna, and I can safely call this place my second home, and my homestay my second family. This experience has been one that will stay with me forever and has inspired my growth as a young professional. I have made wonderful friends. I have taught my students, not only the English language, but the culture and customs from my country. I have come to love Sundays in the plaza, drinking Mate. I have come to appreciate the strong family values in this “pueblo.” I strongly recommend this program to anyone looking for a unique, holistic, cultural exchange. Additionally,  I recommend this program to anyone who is wanting to become fluent in Spanish, anyone who loves grilled meat, and anyone who has a passion for opening up young minds to the world.


Dylan Sydney


To learn more and/or apply for teaching opportunities in Argentina, please visit http://www.teachbrave.com/jobs/view/elementary-esl-argentina/.



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2 thoughts on “Teaching English in Argentina, a life-changing decision

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    i am interested in this oppurtunity. Is there anything available in the city of Córdoba? I would not need any housing and I am available immediately. Thank you!