Top 5 things to Include in an ESL Teacher Resume 6

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step toward applying for an international teaching position. We’re here to help! We understand that it can be difficult to recall past jobs, dates, and the tasks performed–but being as organized and detailed as possible in your resume, is a direct reflection of the type of worker you are (or trying to become). The following is a list of tips and tricks to help your resume stand out, and get your foot into that classroom door.

1.) Be sure to write your name and relevant contact information at the top of your resume (i.e, email address, skype name, phone number). We recommend putting this information in bold and centering it, so that we and hiring directors can easily file and access your resume.

2.) Include your level of education directly underneath your contact information. Whether you graduated with a teaching degree or a history degree, the first thing employers will look for is your highest level of education achieved. From there, they will  look at your experience.  Also, be sure to write the specific month and year you graduated from high school or college. We will eventually need this information to process your work visa, so including it in your resume will save a few steps in the long run. Additionally, be sure to include any certifications and awards that you have obtained, directly underneath your level of education.

3.) Include any and all teaching experience–whether you were a nanny to your nephews, a Boy Scout leader in high school, or a part-time swim coach. We recommend including anything that highlights your teaching capabilities. All will undoubtedly shine through as a form of teaching experience to potential hiring directors.

4.) Write the specific dates you were employed at each position. Try to be as detailed as possible, including the month and year of your time of employment. Many schools want to see that you are able to hold a job for at least one year, due to this being the typical contract duration for most teaching positions.

5.) Last but not least, be sure to include bulleted lists of specific tasks and duties performed at each job, underneath the job title. These lists are so important because they show the employer your capabilities, prior responsibilities, and present-day skills that you are able to apply the potential, upcoming position!


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    My name is Felicia Braverman, co-founder of TeachBrave, LLC. I have been teaching English as a second language since 2008. I love the idea of utilizing the English language to connect cultures, improve global communication, and educate the developing world. My vision for is to give teachers a platform to share ideas, lessons, and stories about their classroom experiences abroad. I'm looking forward to working together to improve ESL education worldwide.

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    6 thoughts on “Top 5 things to Include in an ESL Teacher Resume

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      Rachel Duhon

      I really like the latest layout of your website. Well done! I’m currently living in Buenos Aires with my husband, but we’re looking into going to China. I spoke with someone in your business last December but we’re looking into going to China or Asia next January but I’m not interested in working for Disney English. Do you have anything else available? Thanks.

      • Avatar of Felicia Braverman
        Felicia Braverman Post author

        Thanks Rachel! We have ample opportunities in China. I would recommend reapplying around October. Our China reps would be happy to re-discuss your options then. Enjoy BA in the meantime and eat some empanadas for us!

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      Hello my name is Tyler and I’m very interested in learning more about your program. I’m currently about to start my third year teaching. My first year I taught kindergarten, and this past year and current year I’m teaching second grade. I’m thinking that I would like to work with TeachBrave sometime next year, as our school year ends in May. If you could please email me a little more information about TeachBrave, I would really appreciate it. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

      • Avatar of admin

        Hi Tyler,

        Thank you for your interest in TeachBrave. We recommend that our prospective teachers apply 2 – 3 months prior to when they are wanting to depart. Many of our jobs become available as teachers put in their notices, which is typically from March – June. We recommend checking our up-to-date job board to see what positions are available, and applying when you’re ready. Our job board can be found here,

        Looking forward to hearing from you in the future!

        -Mark Speier